This is heartbreaking.

She Was Trying To Conceal Her Embarrassment In The Classroom Due To Her Looks. What Followed Is Heartbreaking.

BOOM! Like I have no issues with a good romance but most of the time romance novels never have enough plot for me. I need something else besides the romance to entertain me. Also um lots of tattoos are cool and if I wasn't so scared of needles I'd get a quite a few. And bitch comic books are for all genders.

If your biases run THAT deep you probably shouldnt be in criminal law.What the actual FUCK?

Wow! I didn't see that coming.

They Scoffed At The Poor Woman Who Liked A Dress She Couldn’t Afford But Were In Utter Shock When This Happened.

Awesome, just don't agree with the "real men drink coffee" thing. That's sexist. But he was an ass so

I disagree with the "real men order real coffee" but this is still funny

Sometimes my faith in humanity gets a little higher after reading things like this...

Sometimes my faith in humanity gets a little higher after reading things like this. <<< So he was gay? That's awesome of you, boy! Please do come save some more girls from disgusting perverts.

Your Hesitancy is Not My Emergency

Your Hesitancy is Not My Emergency. The security guard seriously just triggered me. What sort of person worries about getting sued over someone's life?

I finally figured out that these stories come from!

Hahaha "I missed the only time in my life I could have asked someone if they called that a knife."<<<<Or you could have thrown a little Princess Bride reference in there *wink wink nudge nudge*

Dog-Gone Cruelty Will Make Your Dogs Gone / iFunny :)

Serves her right. Stupid, irresponsible, terrible piece of human garbage.