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    Symbols of Star case you didn't know @Jaime Nunez @Rachel Koogler Núñez soo ideas, like the rebel's alliance cause we are rebels in the fam :)

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    A fun infographic listig 10 of the coolest and most dangerous beasts of the Star Wars universe according to the folks over at [Source:

    Top 10 Coolest Beasts from the STAR WARS Universe - Infographic

    The Vehicles of Star Wars #infographic #StarWars #Entertainment

    The Vehicles of Star Wars #infographic

    The Galaxy Far, Far Away: A Tour of the Star Wars Universe

    The Galaxy Far, Far Away: A Tour of the Star Wars Universe [Infographic]

    An Elegant Infographic For A More Civilized Age: A Look at STAR WARS Lightsabers — GeekTyrant

    An Elegant Infographic For A More Civilized Age: A Look at STAR WARS Lightsabers

    Everything I need in the world: Keanu, Indiana Jones and Star Wars references!

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    Also if I change my mind I can use my wand to Accio myself a lightsaber. Or a sword. Or a sonic screwdriver. Or a cupcake. Or juice. Really just about any damn thing. Bottom line: I just really want a wand.

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    The Official Star Wars Fact File - Visual Guide To Lightsabers

    Star Wars - Lightsabers - A visual guide

    Here are the different types of lightsabers out there in the Star Wars universe.

    The mechanics, history and lore of the lightsaber

    AT-AT ~ stupidest design for a war machine EVER. 'Oh, however WILL we stop them? Let's tie pieces of string around their legs and they'll just fall over!'

    A Never Before Seen Look Inside An AT-AT Imperial Walker


    'Star Wars' trailer: 7 reasons Darth Vader could be alive

    Star Wars the force awakens

    13 stunning pieces of Star Wars: The Force Awakens fan art

    Lord Vader about to board his personal fighter, the Tie Advanced Prototype

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    Science Fiction Spaceship Comparison Infographic (Small)

    Size Comparison Of Famous Sci-fi Spaceships [Infographics]

    The Flash " want to see me read your comic book, want to see me read it again" -dr. Sheldon cooper

    10 Gorgeous Minimalist Superhero Illustrations In Vibrant Colors

    The Flash Couldn't Look Any Cooler In This Incredible Cover Art! |

    The Flash Looks Awesome In This Comic Cover Art!

    Wood Duck, Anatinae, Artic regions, South America, Africa, Australia, and North America. Lives in freshwater areas. Swans and geese are part of the wood duck family. The male wood ducks are shiny black and have short necks.

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    ain't i cute! Baby duck...Yes U Are!! World Wildlife Fund ...Protects exotic animals world wide ...please join their org today :)

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    Repin from Alli Mertins. This image is a great example of additive composition because it creates human figures, something much more complex than the individual piece, and not just human figures but fantasy characters associated with adventure and fun, two qualities that Legos (for me) are supposed to represent.

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    Another 11 Fascinating LEGO Creations - (cool lego creations)

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    Giant Lego Batman Is Too Stiff To Fight Crimes

    LEGO Darth Vader and Chewbacca

    21 Awesome Life-Sized Legos

    life-size Lego Superman!

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    OMG!!! Just when you thought he couldn't be any hotter, Nerdy Tom! Uh huh, me likey! Tom Brady

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    Lord of the 4 Rings, King Brady!

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