This has now been added to my Bucket List - The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express includes many of the line's original stops, including Prague, Budapest, Krakow and Dresden. And in 2013 it will offer regular service from Venice to Stockholm, via Copenhagen. Oh, and for those of us that still long for the exotic possibility of a luxury voyage from Paris to Istanbul? Once a year, it goes there too…

Escaping Aboard the Orient Express

Traveling with style. Cabin on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Train. I hope to take this train some day!

Orient Express

Wagon Lits car from the Flèche d'Or route - by day by Simon Pielow in Orient Express on Fotopedia - Images for Humanity. Wish I could have taken a ride on the Orient Express.

The cutest vintage Fiat 500 and my lemon platform espadrilles 🍋💛 - 📷

The Royal Scotsman

Scotland's Luxury Train

The Royal Scotsman - Though historic in feel, the train debuted in Pictured is a twin state sleeping car featuring decorative marquetry.

Classic II Gentleman’s Essentials

Driven by detail: Timeless classics provide inspiration for RL Automotive (this car is a creamer!

train travel on the Royal Scotsman

The Royal Canadian Pacific Train is luxury train travel at its finest. Choose from two fabulous adventures in the Canadian Rockies.