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    Anyone who thinks that animal don’t show emotion and develop friendships needs to see this stunning video! This deer not only befriends a loving Great Dane, but also the family cat! When the deer started playing with the dog at 1:42, my soul literally melted. Is this not the most adorable thing you’ve seen in a long time?

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    Good friendship�

    Good friendship…

    New Best Friend

    It dear god. This just makes me cry it's so damn cute.

    He Was Stuffed

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    BFFs - have you ever seen anything cuter????

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    Cats and dogs who are best friends.

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    Bubbles And Bella, Elephant And Dog, Are Inseparable BFFs. They still need to be so careful!

    Natural buddies, dog and elephant


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    hedgehog !

    Twitter / hedgehogdays: まるたろうのiPhone用(iPhone5/5S、iOS7以 ...




    oh my goodness...I have no words for the cuteness of the picture

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    Squirrel: "Humans, please don't think you have the monopoly of building snowmen ~ many of us animals know how to do it too ~ including me!"

    I make a snowman !!

    Shiblings! The 30 Most Shiba Inu Things That Have Ever Happened In The History Of Shiba Inus

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    Double Wow!!! "Giant" Sea Turtle...

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    Tiny Tim my tiny box turtle hatchling!!

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    Jellyfish - like a watercolor picture in the sea! Wow our Creator is awesome!!! So Beautiful!!

    ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Pretty Stuff


    OVI Kennels-Fun Pit Bull Facts-Dog Facts

    goldie I love the movement in goldfish pictures

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    Cats and Dogs

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