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Come Chill on the Hill! Four days of family fun take place in Fonthill, Ontario over the 3rd weekend of July each year – Bring your family, your sunscreen, your lawn chairs and your dancing shoes! July 16, 17, 18 & 19, 2015
Exciting Great Golf Courses To Play Ideas. Amazing Great Golf Courses To Play Ideas.

9 Hole Mini Putt Golf Course | Niagara Inflatables

Transform your event into a lake with the Paddle Boats & Lagoon. Included in this is 5 paddle boats and a by lagoon for loads of fun. Have the kids race around the lagoon or simply enjoy a nice relaxing paddle boat ride with this great interactive.

Paddle Boats and Lagoon | Niagara Inflatables

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Pelham Summerfest 2014

The Pelham Summerfest simply began in 2011 as a single day event to celebrate the completion of the downtown streetscape. It was so popular and garnered so many visitors that it was brought back fo…

The scene under the Arches during Saturday Street Party

About Summerfest

Come Chill on the Hill

Play the Super Hero Obstacle Course on Saturday at


Come Chill on the Hill