See, Renew and Be

This is the journey that starts now. Dreaming big. Twirling in dance fueled by Magic. I set my morning meditation and in i go for 30mins. Followed by my morning Sadhna, Mantra "I am in love and loved". Reading and downloading the right dialog for my internal faculty, "i am good enough". Transforming in a higher vibration. Healing and nurturing every meridian point in my mind, body and soul, re-birthing a new. I accept all of what the universe has offered me to choose. Receiving openheartedly with innocence and maturity. Carefree and light i travel. My life has become this endless energy of creativity, possibility and everlasting love. There is an endless abundance of all that i need and have. I am blessed.
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I feel like this is such a beautiful depiction of yoga. Comfy pants, no fuss, no show, just you and the mat. A beautiful moment.


This image has reminded me of the toy 'Star Projectors' you could buy in the science museum. Forget candles.... Get a star projector and treat your S.O to a home cooked meal under the stars for valentines day (in the warmth of the indoors!).

My name is Joanna. (Mam na imie Asia.) All I want to do is learn languages, eat citrus fruits, and travel the world. I'm really into makeup and fashion. Feel free to message me in English, Polish, French, or Spanish. I track the tag


The name is Michaela. I love music, snow, books, and traveling. I have an addiction to caffeine, so if you want to be my best friend surprise me with some coffee or a redbull. And one of these days I'm gonna grow a pair of wings and fly away.