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    Halloween Treats

    Too cute to eat? BOOOO to that! We love adorable Halloween treats.

    Halloween Treats

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    Shrimp Fettuccine with Spinach and Parmesan |

    These easy Halloween treats will be a hit with kids and adults alike at your Halloween party!

    Orange Angel Food Cupcakes with Candy Corn Buttercream |

    Almond Spider Cakes |

    Crème-Filled Chocolate Sandwich Cookies |

    Chocolate Cupcakes with Meringue Ghosts |

    Candied Apples | Cinnamon-Cider Candied Apples |

    Spooky Snacks and Devilish Drinks | Bat Bites |

    Ghostly Pizza |

    Haunting Halloween Punch Recipes | Eyeball Punch |

    Tuck homemade truffles into coffin-shape boxes for a spooky takeaway.

    Give yourself brain freeze with this honeydew melon and gelatin decoration.

    Take ice cream sandwiches into the fall with these pumpkin cookie treats.

    • Elizabeth Rothstein
      Elizabeth Rothstein


    Give guests a fright with a blood-red "goul"-aid punch complete with floating skull.

    Serve up these toxic waste cookies at your Halloween party this year. The kids will gobble them up... if they dare.

    These homemade 'butterfinger' bars are easy to make and cost a lot less than the classic candy bar.

    Use "leftover" cany (Is there such a thing?) to make this Snickers Cheesecake.

    How cute are these Jack O' Lantern cookies for Halloween?? They're perfect for a spooky party.

    Cocoa-Cinnamon Bat Cookies

    Witches' Hats |

    Halloween Party Mix |

    Chocolate-Dipped Spoons |

    Autumn Punch Recipe |

    Bat Bites |

    Candy Corn Cake Wedges |