Honey-Roasted Brussels Sprouts | MyRecipes.com

Ginger-Pumpkin Trifle with Vanilla Mascarpone Cream | MyRecipes.com Layers of pumpkin, mascarpone, crushed cookies, and a coffee mixture create this show-stopping holiday trifle.

Cherry-Smoked Turkey on the Grill | MyRecipes.com You won't regret putting in the time for this smoked turkey.

Applewood-Smoked Turkey | MyRecipes.com Applewood chips lend a slightly sweet and fruity flavor to the meat. You can also try smoking the turkey with cherry or alder wood chips for more delicate smoked flavor.

Whole-Grain Corn Bread | MyRecipes.com Medium to fine-ground cornmeal works well for this corn bread, but you can substitute a coarser grind if you prefer a heftier texture.

Classic Corn Bread Dressing | MyRecipes.com "Corn bread dressing is something my Mississippi-born soul craves because it's just so good, and it's what I grew up with."

Fromage Fort | Fromage fort is the ultimate way of using leftover cheese. Jacques Pépin's father used to combine pieces of Camembert, Brie, Swiss, blue cheese and goat cheese together with his mother's leek broth, some white wine and crushed garlic. These ingredients marinated in a cold cellar for a week to a week-and-a-half (he liked it really strong). Now Pépin's wife, Gloria, makes a milder version in a food processor that takes only seconds.

Turkey and Mushroom Potpie

Squash and Stilton Biscuits | The dough for these biscuits uses leftover mashed squash or sweet potatoes and is very moist. You’ll need to use plenty of flour when you pat the dough out for cutting.

Turkey Breast with Ginger-Scallion Sauce | David Chang recommends poaching turkey breast in leftover turkey stock before serving it with ginger-scallion sauce, based on his favorite condiment at Great N.Y. Noodletown in Chinatown.

Walnut-Cranberry Turkey Salad | The dressing for this light, delicious turkey salad is made with low-fat mayonnaise, yogurt and chopped herbs.

Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberry-Apricot Relish | This tangy, sweet relish can accompany roast pork, chicken or turkey served on their own or as sandwiches.

Next-Day Turkey Sandwiches | Barbara Lynch of No. 9 Park in Boston piles most of the components of the traditional Thanksgiving meal between two slices of bread. You can use any squash puree; if you only have roasted squash or sweet potatoes, just mash them up.

Turkey and Swiss Bread Pudding | Bread pudding is one of the best vehicles for using up leftovers.

Vegetable Turkey Soup with Cornmeal Noodles | For an all-American pairing, match a bright California Chardonnay with a robust turkey soup made from Thanksgiving leftovers.

Lentil Soup with Smoked Turkey | Simmering the broth with a Parmesan rind gives the soup an even richer taste than sprinkling the cheese on top.

Turkey-Stuffing Salad | This fresh, fun salad from F&W’s Kay Chun combines turkey and croutons with celery, apple, fennel and parsley.

Mashed-Potato Spring Rolls | David Chang took F&W’s Thanksgiving challenge by improvising a Momofuku-style feast from basic leftovers, including turning mashed potatoes and green beans into this crispy canapé, a salute to the 1950s.

Turkey Reuben Hash | This 25-minute hash from F&W’s Kay Chun pairs leftover turkey with potatoes, sauerkraut and caraway for a fun play on a Reuben sandwich.

Cran-Apple Smoked Turkey Sliders | MyRecipes.com Let's face it: You have to have a killer leftover turkey sandwich the day after the feast.

Turkey Shepherd's Pie with Two-Potato Topping | This recipe, from Jimmy Bradley of the Red Cat in New York City, makes a large pie, but you can also prepare the dish in individual 1 1/2-cup ramekins. Check them for doneness after 20 minutes.

Dressing-Stuffed Mini Peppers | MyRecipes.com We love these stuffed peppers as an appetizer, but you can also serve them as a side dish. Be sure to use baby bell peppers and not mini sweet peppers (shaped like jalapeños) so they're big enough to accommodate the filling. As an alternative to broiling, you can char the peppers directly over a gas flame, turning frequently with tongs.

Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy | MyRecipes.com "I always make stock well before Thanksgiving in the slow cooker, and then freeze it. This way the gravy is never lacking deep turkey flavor."

Mom's Smashed Mashed Potatoes | MyRecipes.com "My mom, a child of the Depression, embraced convenience foods like instant mashed potatoes, and we ate them all year--except on Thanksgiving, when she made 'real' potatoes that she never fully mashed. I still make them her way but have added ingredients like caramelized onions and olive oil."

Coconut Pan-Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Sesame Seeds