T-shirts are our second skin. skin must express those hopes, dreams, and unique concepts. This is MY RESTLESS BRAIN TSHIRT.
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Amazing work by Xoil Needles Side Tattoo. All the pieces are absolutely incredible! ‘Like’ him on Facebook here and discover more of his work. Very inspiring art and layout concepts.

Tattoo Artist - Xoil Tattoo - animal tattoo - better version then the last one I pinned.

gramophone traditional tattoo

Note to self: love the idea of a traditional style gramaphone tattoo but the trumpet is a blooming flower so it's not so in your face / literal.

280612_street_sign_furniture_1.jpg 540×600 pixels

We need benches like this at the rink but it should say "No RIGHT Turn" (No Left Turn Chair / Road sign furniture by Tim Delger)