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My Artwork

Woodcut and scratchboard-watercolor style. A three-dimensional sense. Big on graphic logo forms. From relativisticobserver blog, but full-sized.

My Artwork

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Woodcut style image illustrating seven ways, but organized somehow

Taking regularity and bending it warping it shading it

Line art version of loop with three twists intertwined with a circle

Line art version of very loopy intertwined illustration

Hey, all illustrations have to start somewhere!

Very intertwined loopy illustration

Four twisted loops intertwine in this cool illustration

Three twists and an interlocking circle in this illustration!

Graphic inline version of figure, unentangled

Nice inline version of simple entangling

Pleasing logo version of simple entangling

Schematic of simple entangling

Shaded and colored version of Bowen knot entangled with a ring

Hidden-line version of Bowen knot entangled with a ring

Shaded and colore version of simple entangling

Shaded version of simple entangling

Hidden-line version of simple entangling

Hero image for Weaponized Computation post. Yeah.

Sorry, I just had to...

focusing light on a sensor!

well... aperture x exposure time x ISO...

Illo for bigger pixels blog post - kind of a fantasy really

Part of the impossible figure that is entirely possible by itself

Three blocks: not impossible, bit it might make a nice logo!

An impossible loop