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Grid Gardening anyone can do!

We have started growing some of our own food this year and have embarked on a project to make it as easy as 1-2-3 to do. We will share our triumphs as well as our tragedies with you as we go...

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Grid Gardening anyone can do!

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Here's a great tip! If you have room, you can contact a tree trimmer and have him drop off his chippings and stumps at your place instead of paying the dump to take them! Free mulch for life I always

Everyone helps on the farm! Our service dogs give mommy a hand with the Mulch for the garden. (It's also a good workout!)

Here is a pot of chili heading over to the VA on Monday, every Monday as a matter of fact. It's what we do with all the veggies we grow. The trimmings go out to the chickens to enjoy. ( in case you were wondering how they hot into my gardening postings)

We also are getting a dozen eggs a day now from out hens.... Less from our roosters....;)

We grew some short corn around our bean teepee to keep the extreme heat off our plants or they would have fried in the first few days.

Some of the plants we have growing in the garden for September 2014.

Some of the plants we have growing in the garden for September 2014.

Some of the plants we have growing in the garden for September 2014.

Some of the plants we have growing in the garden for September 2014.

Out Victory Garden seems to have survived the 106 heat wave of 2014!

Putting together salad baskets from all of our vegetables growing in the garden right now. We also threw in a handful of hard-boiled eggs from the chickens in the back! We boiled them with a red onion so you can tell easier which ones are hard-boiled in the refrigerator.

This weeks edible arrangement out of our garden.

Our first week testing the solar powered watering system with our wheat growing...

This is a little off the beaten path but, this is our first hydroponic attempt! We are growing wheat as our first test. If all goes well, we will be feeding this fodder to our horses and chickens.

Built two new boxes today for more heirloom plants.

How hard is raising chickens you ask? Well, I should start a pin just for this topic but just a quick note here; We have the feeder automated, the water automated, a couple of swings for them and a door that opens at dawn and closes at dusk, running off a solar panel and battery. For the most part, we go out say hello to the girls and collect some tasty eggs!

All in a days work!

Fresh basil, thyme, oregano. sage, onions, fig, and sweet tomatoes get added to the fresh chicken eggs.

The beauty of having so much variety is being able to go out for breakfast and finding plenty of good choices to add to the omelet every day.

Here's a photo of our neighbor kids collecting eggs for the morning... Lets see, 6 eggs today! Not a bad haul if I do say so myself.

Here is a sample of what we do with our virtual feast in the front. Did I mention we have chickens as well?

What do we do with all the leftovers from the garden? Recycle it of course! Our horses love our garden as much as we do.

We cut down some bamboo and built a trellis for our tomatoes this year. We used hemp to lash the bamboo pieces together.

Put it all together and what do you have? Lunch!

Our strawberries planted with the trees are growing fast and almost ready for the table.

Our butterfly bushes are also hard at work bringing in the worker bees (and butterflies) to do their part.

Potted trees offer a great way to create portable planting boxes that you can "share" with your veggies. Here we have several boxes with fruit trees and under each, we have planted another crop such as strawberries, eggplant, carrots, herbs and even beets.

Our grapes are coming in nicely and we are letting them run low the first year to build the roots. Next year, we will train them to the top of the fence where they can run in the sun better.

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    Mystic Lake-Photography

    Yes, we are also growing Asparagus on the left side of the box. we have 6 boxes of this growing throughout the garden right now and all of them sprouted.

Some people told us you can't grow Brussels sprouts in Southern California but these plants beg to differ!

Our kale has been like this in 3 boxes for over two months now and we will be harvesting most of it this month to make room for some other plants to grow. Right now we are planting the seeds under the umbrella of the kale to help with the heat until they are big enough to fend for themselves.

Breakfast omelet right out of the ground.

A salad straight from the garden to the table.

Gardening successes come with some not so successful endeavors. Here we planted our squash and zucchini in front of our potato tower but didn't think it would block all the light. Well, plenty of both but no potatoes to speak of.

We have also started adding some mulch around our tee-pee and some potted trees as well.

This is one of our beans!

Here is our bean tee-pee after 4 months. We have all kinds of beans and other veggies growing around it.

And here is our carrot top! No that would be our dog who wanted to help with the planting!!! Isabeau is her name and she is a pound puppy destined to be a service dog at the VA in Loma Linda this year.

We went up 4 feet so we have 4 sets of spuds in the tower. Now to top it off with some carrots that can grow out of the top!

We put potatoes in a circle by the outside of the ring so the leaves will grow out the sides. Some hay on the outside, some dirt in the middle and sprouts in a circle by the edge every foot as we went up.


    I just started a couple of these - just a little smaller and fewer potatoes.

We started with the old wire we used for last seasons tomatoes that was wide enough to reach inside the holes. This way we will be able to harvest them without cutting the wire down the road.

This is the start of our first potato tower in straw! We are starting it in a double tall box so we can also plant some squash and low growing plants in the same area.

This is what the seed pods look like when we put them into the ground. We leave the sprouts out of the dirt and cover the rest.

Here my lovely assistant is planting some of the plant into our garden! The mulch is right behind her. Some plants that were not ready to be rotated are still in the planter.

We started some of our seeds inside and are moving them into the new beds the old plants were in before.

This summer we should not even be able to see inside the tee-pee with all the beans and kiwi growing on it!

Here is the base of the tee-pee with all the boxes and the flowers growing. We even planted bulbs in-between the boxes and put some bamboo in the spaces to hold the dirt in place.

Here the new plants are in with our flowers that are coming up. The beans will start winding up the bamboo sticks we put in the soil or we will start winding them manually.

Once the plants get to the top of the lid, we add a second smaller container as a lid and grow them just a little higher. Then off to the garden they go!

Starting our beans for the bean tee-pee inside in our "mini Green Houses" Works great and is very inexpensive to do.

Tight on space for your compost bin? Try this three sided pallet hinged on the front for easy opening. We put this in our garden for all the tomatoes we just harvested and found using three sides works great. We can add all the ingredients from the top and open it to turn it as needed. We put the pallets on their sides but you could also use them with the high side up to store more if you need it.

We make the Sun Dried Tomatoes with seasonings on them. The flavors bake into the tomatoes and adds great flavor when added to our olive oil for canning.

Last of the season's tomatoes - We hare dehydrating them to make Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil.

1-19-14 Update on our garden progress - We have our winter crops growing and our tomatoes are out!

  • Mystic Lake-Photography
    Mystic Lake-Photography

    Box 1 (top left) Cauliflower 2 Peppers 3 Hot peppers 4 Green bell peppers 5 green onions 6 Kale 7 Cauliflower 8 Kale 9 Kale 10 Kale 11 Cauliflower 12 Kale 13 Green Onions 14 Kale 15 Winter Spinach 16 Kale

How to layer material for a raised bed garden without importing expensive potting mix & topsoil: Layer: Straw mulch Compost Newspaper/ cardboard Grass clippings Rough mulch Branches

Chili from our garden vegetables.

How does our garden grow? With a little love, patience and tender loving care.... See you next year!

The new kids on the block... We will be planting some winter lettuce, more winter Kale and a few more varieties before the end of the year to fill in for plants we are composting.

Winter Kale has been planted in 8 squares and is starting to take off. We plan to dehydrate this and make chips out if it in Februrary.

Our winter spinach is coming along nicely and was planted last month.

Green onions are growing in the ground but we have been harvesting the tops all season and cutting them up like scallions to add to our foods. As you can see, some of them have grown to a point again while others show the last cutting.

Pick a peck of pickled Seems every time I go into the garden, there are more of these things to pick out of the boxes. Good thing too. The Vets like their chili with a little spice in it!

  • Mystic Lake-Photography
    Mystic Lake-Photography

    We screw the lattice grid together so when it breaks, we can just unscrew the broken piece and put a new on on. None have broke for the year but they are showing signs of cracking in some places.

Our Broccoli has already been harvested once but is still growing more so we left it in the ground. The first one was larger than a football in size!

  • Mystic Lake-Photography
    Mystic Lake-Photography

    If you notice a few holes in the leaves, we do not use any herbicides or pesticides in our gardens so a few bugs get in. We do use ladybugs, earthworms and plants the bugs don't like to keep them at bay.

Our Artichoke was harvested a couple of months ago and is still growing and ready to create another one.

Our Brussels sprouts are coming in nicely still. The tomatoes are robbing some of the sun and will be removed soon so these little babies can get more of it.

  • Mystic Lake-Photography
    Mystic Lake-Photography

    If you notice a few holes in the leaves, we do not use any herbicides or pesticides in our gardens so a few bugs get in. We do use ladybugs, earthworms and plants the bugs don't like to keep them at bay.

We made some lattice out of bamboo we grew on the side of the house and have tomatoes growing nicely on them. This is in one of our fence boxes. A 1x4.

We have 6 bell pepper plants still producing (all we have planted) and will be harvesting these in January sometime. These are red when mature but can also be eaten earlier if needed.

Dark little tomatoes just starting to ripen on the vine. We have a ton of these still growing.

Sweet yellow tomatoes ready for the picking!

Our tomatoes don't seem to be able to tell what time it is. We have several varieties that are starting to ripen this month still.

Last weeks chili and some of us at the VA with our Service Dog "Sophie".

This is last weeks harvest for the VA hospital. We make chili for them weekly and are using our garden to supply 100% of the vegetables for this.

Our "Sweeties" (small sweet tangerine type oranges_ and red hot peppers are still going strong!

We still have fresh strawberries growing on top of our rain barrel lid. 12-31-13

How to Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes in 4 Square Feet - Next years project!

A year in the garden... With a recap of what we grew for the year, I thought this would be the end. As it turns out, it is only the beginning. We have so many plants still producing to this day, we thought we would share the harvest and let you see what is still coming out of our plot!

The LED lights create no heat so there were no bugs to contend with during our dinner inside the teepee. It was just cold enough to break out our jackets and sit close. Just the way we like it!

  • Mystic Lake-Photography
    Mystic Lake-Photography

    She is my

A special dinner just 42 in our new dining teepee! The glow from all the lights was just right for a romantic dinner at our newest favorite restaurant.

We have also added lights to the structure so we can dine in the middle at night. More lights may be added as we go along but the store ran out of the 1 led bulbs we were using.

These are the Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans we planted.

This is the finished product! We have planted Kuntucky bean pole plants at the base of each pole after digging down a good foot and mixing some compost, soil and peat moss into the hole.

This is where we are getting our raw materials from. We grew several stands of bamboo on the side of our house to use for projects just like this one.

Tying in more bamboo for the structure. We are using one pole for every 2 feet of circumference.

Teepee all laid out. Next up will be building all the new boxes and figuring out the spaces for real this time.

As you can see in this picture, we are making this large enough to put a table and chairs inside so we can have breakfast inside it next year! Sophie has decided she is now our new "shaman" and is sitting on the table... Behind the teepee you can see our 250 gal container of water. This is what we fill to water the plants with. The water gets warmer in the sun and we have a garden hose hooked up to the bottom.

With the teepee almost laid out, I have discovered why I was topping them first.... Now I get to use a large ladder and take the heads off the new poles...

We are making a teepee to grow grapes and kiwi vines! We may also do some pole beans as well but the idea was to put vines that would be alive all year long on them. We may also look into Raspberries and Blackberries in addition to grapes and kiwis.

In anticipation of this day, we planted bamboo on the side of the house and now have harvested some for our centerpiece......

We wanted a plan on paper but also wanted to be able to adjust the plan by feeling where everything was going to go. Here my lovely assistant is scribing the 2x8 - 4x4 and 4x8 boxes on the dirt so we can see the flow of the empty spaces. A wheelbarrow will need to fit around everything to move plants and produce in the future.

First thing we did was draft up a plan.... A plan and some ice coffee that is....

Now that we have the basics down on how we want to grow in our garden it's time to move on to part two of our plan... The rest of the front yard!

This is the harvest from today. We have just as much left to pick but ran out of time! We are using 4 boxes of 16 squares each to grow and 2 in each are just for flowers of some sort.

This is the Stevia plant that is used as a natural sweetener. We harvest this and us in in our tea.

Our peppers are also coming in well.

This zucchini was over two feet long when we harvested it out of the planter. We pulled 4 of them from this plant alone.

We elected to grow the round eggplant to see how it would do in the garden. Harvested several of these toady.

Our Red bell peppers are growing right along.

Our yellow crookneck squash is already forming. This was a replant for this season after we already harvested from this square last month.

Our corn is starting to make the ears.

Here are a couple different veggies growing next to eachother.

One of our artichokes almost ready as well.