Lady Gryphon

Lady Gryphon

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Lady Gryphon
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MerMania Con for Mermaid Lovers & Professionals ⋆ Mythical Realm

So many beautiful mermaids and mermen! — with Merman Christian, Mermaid Kariel, Mermaid Hales, Mermaid Hannah Burgess- Nova Sirène the Virginia Mermaid, Mermaid Hyli and Caroline Nelson.

12th Labor of Hercules: Cerberus ⋆ Mythical Realm

Labor of Hercules: Cerberus ⋆ Mythical Realm

Cerberus the Hellhound of Hades ⋆ Mythical Realm

hellhound with snake-like extremities, a snake for a tail and the claws of a lion. The beloved pet of Hades, Cerberus was guardian of the underworld.

Chiron ⋆ Mythical Realm

Chiron was very unlike his Centaur brethren who where notoriously wild, and lusty partiers that while intoxicated were given to bouts of intense violence.

Centaurs ⋆ Mythical Realm

dept-magical-education: “ katigori: “ ineedtogif: “ “George Méliès French) ” ” ” Very happy to pass on a artefact from an experienced magical educator. A rare photograph of a centaur from the Beaubaton archives.