Body types

Using Simple Shapes to Draw Cartoon Torsos, by bleedingcrow on deviantART. This is a really neat tutorial that shows how to draw different types of body torsos for a cartoon character.

Pen & ink techniques #sketch #textures #art #tutorial #lesson #tips

Beginners pen & ink techniques ~ nice to have your own version on this techniques cause we all draw differently. This is a great idea to practice pen and ink

how to draw hair, line based inspiration. For all those times Gilly asks me to draw her a princess!

Draw Realistic Hair

how to draw hair line-based-inspiration. These are really cute hair ideas for me to try! Good resource if I need to draw hair ever

Simple way to Draw Realistic Hair. Click here for the full tutorial:

How to draw realistic hair: The ultimate tutorial

Different body proportions for female characters

2 To 9 Heads - ANIME STANDART NOT REALITY ! by rika-dono* bluetaffy says: Great pic to see someone's version of stylistic anatomy through the ages.

Drawing Tutorial - Anatomy, basic shapes

Anatomy basic shapes - most people know of these simple drawing rules. But when you are having fun drawing you somehow ignore them, or maybe thats just me? Anyways, i beleive using them more consistently would improve my drawings a lot!