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Best Corporate Videos

I have been scouring the web to find the best examples of corporate videos that actually work rather than ones which bore the viewer to death. If you would like to find out more about how corporate videos are made or even to get one made for your business then contact us at:

Best Corporate Videos

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"With Dad" by Nissan. Pretty good short film/ad.

Nissan 2015 Super Bowl Commercial | “With Dad”

7 million views and counting - a few animal clips and a country tune. Who wudda thunk it.

Android: Friends Furever

Great video but so manipulative. In video marketing this is what everyone is aiming for but with these emotions being used for profit i have to question the ethics here.

"My dad's story": Dream for My Child | MetLife

Good pre-roll YouTube campaign from Volkswagon.

Creative and well thought out YouTube pre-roll ad campaign by Burger King


Fun video but the brand message is a bit lost I think. I needed to watch the end twice before I even heard it.

Invisible Mindy Kaling Nationwide Super Bowl XLIX Commercial

Really well made sentimental crap

Love this - fantastic example of out of the box thinking to solve a common problem. People hate watching ads on YouTube so a really different technique is called for.

Why are we all doing YouTube Preroll wrong?

It's a good video and achieves the sentimental impact it is aiming for but are we now getting to a point where no moment in our lives is sacred and cannot be exploited by a brand for profit?

Wishes for Baby – a Film by Fisher-Price

Old Spice trying to associate the brand with coming of age. Well made ad but sounds a bit ambitious to me.

Old Spice | Dadsong | #SmellcometoManhood

Really great concept and very well made.

The Joy Of Storage / IKEA The Wonderful Everyday / TV Advert Full
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    Video My Business

    Great board you have here Neil, keep it up!

  • MWP Digital Media
    MWP Digital Media

    Thanks for the kind comments

A video rejecting what happened in Paris last week at the Charlie Hebdo offices.

Great concept. Over used comment but there really is a lot that we could learn from kids.

Great to see such a creative Campaign video. I think that many people will be surprised by the ending.

As expected. Really sentimental but pretty good all the same.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 - #MontyThePenguin
  • Nicolas

    This is beautiful. Seriously beautiful.

Here we go again - The sentimental Christmas ads have begun. This one is very good by Sainsburys.

This is such a sad and frustrating story to hear. If we had let those greedy bankers go under when they messed up rather than feeding them with even bigger bonuses we could have completely solved this problem 100x over.

  • max mccloud
    max mccloud

    Wow that Amazing. very moving to see those girls get their sight.

This looks like an ad, smells like an ad but it doesn't say ad on the tin. If this is not funded/influenced in some way by Home Depot then I am a copper sink. Creative marketing idea but dishonest all the same.

Nice video by the WWF on the issues with palm oil

The History of Johnnie Walker as told by Robert Carlyle

Really good idea - must have had a big impact on the people there.

Great video from Lego after their bust up with Shell.

Sarcasm is not always bad then.

Nice little tool with a nice little ad

I like the concept so included it here but not sure that the idea or the execution were quite right.