A Great Old Southern Saying. Been around a long time.but still applies.the creeks do rise round this part of the country and when that happens, the Good Lord is not gonna let you get anywhere. Love the country sayings.

How to act more Southern

8 Days to Go: Exporting Southernality

I'm in no way southern. But there sure is something to be said about southern hospitality and a southern belle ❤️

southern sayings

Love this! My sister Kim says this all the time. Born a yankee but now a sweet southern bell!

Southern and proud of it.

Southern and proud of it. I'm not a born southerner but people think I am and I'm proud of that!

Roebuck Plantation In  MIssissippi

Roebuck Plantation Blueberry Farm - Sidon, Mississippi USA It& been investigated by paranormal groups and televised.