this just makes my heart happy, this will be me and my husband when we are old and happy! old people are just so cute! cant wait to grow old with my future husband!

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Sometimes we need someone to simply be there. Not to fix anything, or to do antying in particular, but just to let us feel that we are cared for and supported.

Eleanor Roosevelt quote: Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.

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.omg....that is the truth !!!

Great memories I had wth u bby. But life isn't fair nd toke u away from me. Now I miss you wth all my heart. I Can't get this shit of feelings out of my heart. My heart say something nd my mom say another thing.

May you both rest in sweet peace & everlasting love PawPaw Woods ~ November 2016 & MeMe Woods ~ March 2017

Whether I'm sick or down, even now I just want my Mommy. I'm so thankful to have you. You may not always be able to physically comfort me, but the sound of your voice can be just as healing. Thank you for always being there, especially when I need you most!

I love you mommy. Your comfort is the best thing when I don't feel good or I'm lost and am seeking guidance. I love you so much thank you for being my mommy I could let ask for a better one

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