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Natalie Huntsman

Natalie Huntsman
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39 Unique Sea Glass and Seashell Craft Ideas | hubpages

A very simple twist-based wire-wrapping technique perfect for flat, irregular objects such as beach glass (or seaglass). All you need is some round craft wir.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening: 37 Edibles You Can Grow Indoors In The Winter - LoyalGardener

It's very easy to grow a tomato plant indoors even in winter. It may seem a bit weird, but I guess it could be weirder. I could be growing watermelons in my tub.

Kale in container with annuals

Add beauty to your patio with this easy backyard garden idea, leaving a 'pavement free' space within the boundaries of your patio using plants or containers.



My sweet little sister, Caitlin, sent me vintage blue Ball Mason jars for my birthday. I had resisted buying them because I might have a bit of a jar hoarding problem. (If you’re in my home, don’t open the cabinet in the laundry room. You might be horrified or shocked by all the jars I’ve …

Scrap of wood Drill 1 drill bit Foaming soap (Method had the longest stray and the perfect blue liquid) Blue Ball Mason Jar with lid Clamp Utility Knife (with sharp blade) Pencil Safety glasses

Preserving+food+is+a+fun+and+economical+way+to+make+fresh+foods+available+year-round.+There’s+no+better+way+to+capture+the+fresh+harvest+flavors+than+by+sealing+them+in+a+jar+or+drying+them+to+enhance+our+often+drab+winter+recipes.+By+preserving+our+food,+we+get+to+re-taste+flavor+we+saved+long+ago. Learn+how+to+preserve+your+seasonal+glut+of+fruit+and+veggies here.

How to can mandarin oranges ~ much better than store bought canned mandarin oranges!- Look at labels all canned mandarin oranges are made in China

how to dry can in the oven~ can dry goods

recipes and real food, real quick, for real budgets and money saving tips

Foods That Last Forever, Without canning, freezing or dehydrating. Corn Starch - Corn Syrup - Hardtack - Honey- Salt -Soy Sauce - Sugar - Vanilla Extract - White Rice - White Vinegar

Although there are many foods that will last for decades when stored properly (wheat, beans, pasta, etc.), there are some foods that last forever withou.

People prepare for family emergencies in different ways. Some prepare for an earthquake, fire or natural disaster.  Some prepare f...

Chef Tess Bakeresse: Chef Tess and Chef Brad Petersen Together! New Tutorial Video.Pressure Cooking Meal in 7 minutes!