Sometimes you need your home to wrap you up in a big hug and never let you go. So focus on creating a cozy, comfort-zone corner you can retreat to when life gets frustrating, unpleasant and tough. We've got the elements of the anatomy of an effortlessly c

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20 Cool Decorating Tricks + Finds from the 2016 IKEA Catalogue

Will require a lot of watering and maintenance, so either real life like fake plants, or a green-thumb person who don't mind the effort, or have all plants be self-maintaining plants, (or just get a gardener/maid)

Imagine a rainy day and you have to stay in. Imagine walking to this lil' nook and drink your tea in your wool slippers, with your blanket while reading a book in the cozy light. Maybe even listening to some soothing music on that vinyl player. Wow.