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Vincent Van Gogh Couple Making Love Nuenen: December, 1885 (Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum)

Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings



Rose Yoni - (Yoni is a sacred word that honours the vagina)

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Great Mother's Sacred Yoni ... when you zoom out this is how the earth looks ...

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Gaia - Mother Earths sacred yoni stone. themagicfarawayttree: “Queen of the Desert” Joshua Tree National Park ~ at the side of the road out past Belle Campground.

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Sexual Temperance Spoon

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#Robert_Crumb #underground_comics

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Ah. Memories. Santa Cruz. Tenerife. by David Dutton

initial 'A' ('Ave Regina Caelorum' – 'Hail, O Queen of Heaven') chansonnier, Bruges 1542 (Cambrai, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. 126B fol. 132v)

Timeline Photos - Discarding Images

Vivienne Westwood

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Vintage Vibrator Ad. The first vibrators were developed for doctors to treat hysteria, and who could more quickly deliver the curative "hysterical paroxysm" (orgasm), after which the patient would feel very much improved for a time.

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Vintage vibrator ad I remember these ads

Kunsten å selge #19

Cabaret Showgirl

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gorkalimotxo: “ La jura de bandera en el ejército indio. ”

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Mario Miklosi

Dusan Polakovic

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Stephen Gent

Dusan Polakovic

Dusan Polakovic (5)の画像 - 蔵書票の世界 - Yahoo!ブログ

Anne of Carversvillefrom Anne of Carversville

Les Jupons de Tess Elegant Provocation Lingerie Spring 2013 Part I

Les Jupons de Tess Elegant Provocation Lingerie Spring 2013

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ligue os pontos

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The Lovers -- Alchemical Tarot: Renewed

Meeting and exercising choice: The Lovers card

Portofolio 2013 / PART I by Apollonia Saintclair, via Behance

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"The first state is the hidden state, but by art and the grace of God it can be transmuted into a second, manifest state. That is why “the prima materia sometimes coincides with the idea of the initial stage of the process, the nigredo. It is then the black earth in which the gold or the lapis is shown like the grain of wheat. It is the black...~Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy. Pages 312

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Illustration from the Rosarium  text of MS Ferguson 149: the Conjunction within a flask

Alchemy manuscript


Peter Fendi : AMEA // World Museum of Erotic Art

erospainter: Franz von Bayros (b. 1866 – d. 1924).  He was an Austrian commercial artist, painter and illustrator who, at the age of 17, was accepted in to the Vienna Academy and studied under historic portrait painter Eduard von Engerth. Franz also belonged to the Decadent movement of the late 19th century and used fantastic themes in some of his erotic works.

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