"One of my most important food shopping tips ever--those annoying stickers on fruits and veggies tell you A LOT! 4 numbers mean they were conventionally grown, 5 numbers starting with number 8 means they are genetically modified (GMO), and 5 numbers starting with 9 means they were organically grown (no pesticides or nasty GMOs)"

Meaning of number codes on fruit -- 4 numbers = produce was conventionally grown. 5 numbers starting with number 8 = genetically modified seeds. 5 numbers starting with number 9 = organically grown (not genetically modified seeds).

Prevent Health Complications

Less words, more action.God, I need to remember this in talk a lot about getting into shape but I'm lousy at putting into action.


If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. from Nardini (my current goal - crow yoga pose)

Working Out for Extreme Fitness

For some laughs! Laughing is great for your health! That awkward moment: when you walk through the metal detectors at the airport, and your abs of steel set them off

true dat

I love this way more than the "skinny" one. There are plenty of things that taste better than skinny feels because to me skinny is weak and skinny is tired. Being fit means feeling healthy, strong, capable, and full of energy.


Running, cheaper than therapy. – Quotes about health and fitness

can't handle the cuteness!

Is This The Smallest Bunny Ever? (PHOTO)

Bunny nap A baby rabbit named Ruediger sleeps on April 4 on the hand of a zookeeper in Muenster, Germany. Ruediger and his sister, Kalina, both weighing just a little over 2 ounces, were found in a dung pile and are now under the care of the zoo.

aquaria grande in mumbai. swimming pool balconies

PHOTOS: Apartments With Their Own Swimming Pool Balconies

Check out the new Mumbai Apartment complex The Aquaria Grande, with its Floating Balcony Pools. Designed by Hong Kong architect James Law, the plans for this incredible dream residence actually have swimming pools in the place of balconies.


Lightning Bolts Bombard Albuquerque, New Mexico (PICTURES)

Tour guide Roch Hart photographed a spectacular storm from his roof in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. They say lighting doesnt strike the same place twice but Roch captured bolts bombarding the same area over eleven electrifying minutes.

For Easter: Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms

Low-Fat Spinach-Stuffed Mushrooms - Ingredients, Inc.


"Where does a thought go when it is forgotten?" -Sigmund Freud, psychologist, founder of analytical psychology


Wishing you a Happy Easter! Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with peace, joy and cheer! May the Easter bunny bring you lots of chocolate and may it be a wonderful time spent with your friends and family!