snowman ornament made from a battery operated tea light! soooooo cute

Another possible craft ornament idea to do with the grandkids. Battery operated tea light turned into a snowman decoration!

One Toof Goof Bird Show. These are made from fabric (I think) but are so much fun and something like this could be done in papier mache, I think.

Goof Bird Show. These made from upcycled sheets stitched into goofy characters, stuffed with plastic bags, coated with gesso, then handpainted

paper mache around a plastic bottle to make characters.

paper mache around a plastic bottle to make characters/puppets

Making a Dora the Explorer pinata - this is a fantastic tutorial on how to create a large, unusual shape/basis for papier mache / paper mache. Apparently, Dora held up pretty well.

DIY little paper mâché sculpture. This would make a cool: baby, kid, monster,