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The Nursing Life

The Nursing Life

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Your+last+semester+of+Nursing+School+is+here...+Ace+those+classes+and+graduate+like+a+boss! Nursing Humor Nursing Student Inspiration

BRAT Diet B—BANANAS – it is bland fruit that can be constipating and a good thing when symptoms include diarrhea. R—RICE – well tolerated by the stomach and likely to not cause further nausea. A—APPLESAUCE – its creamy consistency goes down easily and soothes a dry throat. T—TOAST – adds calories needed by he client to gain strength. A yummy food specially with a little bit of jelly.

BRATY Diet - Mnemonics for Basic Care

A prayer before studying for Exams... Prayer is my only saving grace at this point. Be with me oh Lord!

NCLEX PRAYER: Help me to understand and to memorize all the important concepts and principles I need to learn as I review every day. Help me to interpret the test questions as the examiner do and avoid confusing choices. Help me keep my cool as I approach the day with fear and anxiety. I also ask that I may pass this exam with the great knowledge and skill that I have acquired through hard work and devotion.


Life saving hack

1000 Life Hacks

Tips and strategies to pass the NCLEX without pulling your hair out

How to Pass the NCLEX with 75 Questions in One Attempt


So, what is a Nurse Practitioner anyway?

So, what is a Nurse Practitioner anyway?

▶ Nursing Education | Arterial Blood Gases & Acid Base Imbalances - YouTube

***Heart blocks- comparing it to human relationships. Neat way to remember various blocks

Nclex cram sheet.

How To Pass The NCLEX-RN on First Try: The Only 5 Tips Every Nurse Must Know

A Yoga Routine for Nursing Students....orrr Occupational Therapy Students :)

A Yoga Routine for Nursing Students


Nursing Lab Values Cheat Sheet | normal lab values nursing chart

normal lab values nursing chart image search results

Nurse Practitioner or Doctor of Nursing Practice?

Nurse Practitioner or Doctor of Nursing Practice?


anatomy of piggyback and med ports on basic IV set

Nurse humor


CartoonStock - Search Results

Nurse on

EKG interpretation flowchart omg this is the easiest way ever. i can't believe i haven't seen this dang thing yet! or made it myself! *facepalm*