Nadiya Kuzmenko

Nadiya Kuzmenko

Nadiya Kuzmenko
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Beautiful Vintage Wax Flower Crowns from Waxflower Vintage

Beautiful bridal crownss crafted from delicate flowers of wax from the Victorian era to the The perfect bridal headpiece for a modern vintage bride.

FGF Mobili Wohnwand C18B B 300 cm / H 180 cm / T 37 cm

Wall mounted color screen Fake TV Prop--decor by Kingleader

FGF Mobili Massivholz TV Lowboard B 120 cm x H 22 cm

It is often believed that the advent of TV in our lives has set a distance in our lives and relationships. But with crafty use of the TV wall unit setup can ensure that this is not the case.

Just perfect #sofa

suitcase halves as shelves! i have not seen them used this way before (usually the suitcases are cut in half horizontally while closed--these are halved by removing the hinges, which keeps the structure intact).

desire to inspire - - Stacey Kouros

"Stacey Kouros Millworker" - I would install solid drawers/panels across the front for continuity. Notice how it joins the wall on the far left behind the lamp; that "architectural interest" I'm always talking about.

TV/bookcase wall.

Bookshelves Living Room in no way walk out styles. Bookshelves Living Room is usually adorned in numerous means and each furn