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LOADED-PINK! by R7777 from Nail Art Gallery

My LA French manicure is inspired by the glitz and glam of Hollywood. It represents the classic beauty of old world Hollywood with a fresh, modern day twist. It's versatile enough to wear during the day and easily transitions to an elegant evening manicure just like Orly's original French mani. I used a combination of gel polish, nail polish and acrylic paint to create this design. Here's how you can get this look...

This week we were asked to create an L.A. themed French manicure. I chose to represent the style seen in the Rodarte (an L.A. based designer) Fall/Winter collection. I wanted something that could easily be seen on a celebrity on the red carpet or a coworker at the office. This design easily transitions from fun to glam and is inspired by many of the angular lines seen in the Rodarte collection, with multi tonal grey-black and a hint of sparkle.

I came at this challenge from a very literal perspective. Every nail is a French Mani, but several strategic feature nails have a bit more. The "LA" hand sign that is so prevalent in visual social media platforms right now wormed it's way into my brain, and much like the "Martini Mani" trend from a few years ago, I thought it would be so cool to have a modern french with feature nails that were visible when making this hand sign. I thought it would look really attractive in photos. As an .....

For this challenge I wanted to take the iconic principles of a french manicure and put my spin on it. When I think of the basic fundamentals of what makes a french the following comes to mind: negative space at the cuticle and color at the tip. I started with this concept and knew I had to come up with an innovated "smile line" of sorts. I thought architectural structure would be a cool inspiration to develop my smile line from so I began researching some modern buildings in LA. I found some...

In this tutorial I will show you how I did my El Capitan-inspired French manicure for the Week 3 challenge of Next Top Nail Artist, sponsored by Orly.

For this challenge we were asked to create a modern LA focused French. When I think of Los-Angeles I think of famous celebrities and their paparazzi. I wanted to create a look for a famous celebrity that wanted something classy and elegant for the day, but could also be dressed up for a night out on the town and look fabulous! It had to be something that would catch the eye of the paparazzi and would have them ask “Whose nails are you wearing?!” When I think about French nails, I always .....

We were asked to create a french manicure inspired by Los Angeles. Orly is the sponsor for the week and the creator of the french manicure. I was inspired by Risk Rock, an LA graffiti artist because his style is a lot like my own and was a perfect fit for my overall design.

This is my entry for Nails Magazine NTNA 2014 week 3 challenge. This is my interpretation of a Los Angeles focused French manicure. I chose to represent this theme by painting the most predominant landmarks in Los Angeles on each nail. I chose this look to show that nail art is more than just a trend. It has evolved so much in the past few years and it is still evolving. This is my vision of a futuristic French tip. This tutorial will explain how to create this look.

Stripes nail art

This challenge was definitely just that, a challenge! It took me a few days to even decide on a design. Once I figured out if I should go in a traditional style or a artistic style, the rest of the process began to come together. I knew I wanted to focus on LA fashion. The entire world looks to the privileged people of Los Angeles to show us what's trending. I believe that fashion is a major staple in the LA community. Most people will probably choose Hollywood. But I wanted to go in a ...

For this Challenge I wanted to try to stick to the modern french styles, Which has so much variety in 2014. I really like the french manicure style that has an opaque cuticle area and a bold free edge, (example a solid gray cuticle area with turquoise free edge). So I decided to base my french look off this style. After researching a little about LA, the fact that it is the CITY of ANGELS stuck out to me the most. so here is how you can get a C.A. (city of angels) French Manicure.

1950's Pinup Nails by LaurenBri82 from Nail Art Gallery

Step by Step abstract nails by LaurenBri82 from Nail Art Gallery

The Powerpuff Girls - Next Top Nail Artist Pre Challenge 2 by leximartone from Nail Art Gallery

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