Cajun Rainbow Trout

Cajun Rainbow Trout

Cajun Rainbow Trout--No fishiness in this seafood. The sweet, delicate taste of trout is complemented well by Cajun spice for a healthy, flavorful entrée. Enjoy it with a sliced tomato salad and a fresh baguette with sweet cream butter.

Brook trout. (speckled trout) 29 inches

The unofficial World Record Brook Trout was caught 2006 in Manitoba and was guessed at 16 lb.

Hat Creek Lassen County

Hat Creek Lassen County - Love to fish and camp here! Camped and fished with my mom and dad back in the

Lassen National Park, Hat Creek.

Hat Creek- the best place in the world for kids to fish!

Speckled Trout Dangles

Noted artist and designer Mignon Faget creates jewelry designs reflecting the history, nature and architecture of her native environment. Each handcrafted object of adornment is designed in her New Orleans studio and made in America.

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Trout stream 3......Awwww...(0=