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The BEST whole-house paint scheme that looks great in every lighting. Daylight will bring out the colors - beautiful blue-green in rainwashed, periwinkle in solitude, pretty purple in swanky gray...and then interior lighting at nighttime will bring out the grey undertones to create beautiful, calming colors. This is the perfect paint palette. Sherwin Williams Paint Colors…

50 uses for Vaseline! 1. Put a coat on your eyelashes before you go to bed. Lots of people swear by this – and say it will make your lashes grow longer and thicker over time. 2. Put a coat of Vaseline on your feet at night, cover them with socks and wake up to softer feet – every day! 3. Put Vaseline on your elbows every day – they will stay soft! 4. Put Vaseline on your cuticles several times a day for softer and better looking cuticles every day. 5. Put Vaseline on chapped lips 6…

Two great uses for baby powder: 1) want to go one more day with straightened hair, but it's lookin a tad oily at the top? Sprinkle a little powder in your hair and rub in. Looks brand new again! 2) apply one coat of mascara. Take a q-tip and brush some baby powder on lashes. Apply next coat of mascara. Makes your eyelashes appear longer and fuller! ●BUT I PREFER APPLYING THE POWDER BEFORE APPLICATION OF MASCARA AND ALSO THE EYELASH CURLER - OMGGG IT'S ON ANOTHER LEVEL●

A mask that basically sucks your pimples & blackheads out...i am adding this to my wish list!

Prime Skin Before patting on foundation, run an ice cube over your face, focusing on areas with enlarged pores. The cold water will cause pores to reduce in size and minimize their appearance under makeup. Icing these areas before your application of a primer can yield extra-smooth results fit for an ice queen.

what a great cosmetic bag - lay it and and it folds and zippers up for travel - MUST remember this for Christmas gifts!!