Pamela Nakatany

Pamela Nakatany

Pamela Nakatany
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Resgate um rímel ressecado com uma caneca de água fervendo.

Save mascara that's drying @ end by soaking tube in a cup of hot water, loosens up. Plus other tips- 14 Easy Ways To Recycle, Repurpose, And Revive Your Old Makeup

Quer usar uma esmalte com glitter, mas não quer passar por todo o incomodo do processo de remoção?

I've had hard to remove glitter polish, this may work!-NW Elmer's glue works as a base coat for that hard to remove glitter polish.

Economize dinheiro fazendo suas próprias unhas laqueadas.

DIY Shellac Manicure Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel My favorite nail polish (Seriously, Essie is amazing) Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat Start with clean, dry nails. Apply one coat of the Powerful Acrylic Gel. When its dry

Use talco de bebê para ter cílios postiços do tipo “Faça Você Mesma”.

41 Life-Saving Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Have In Her Arsenal Between applying each coat of mascara, dip a Q-tip in baby powder and run across your lashes, focusing on the tips. The second coat will attach to the powder for a longer, fuller look.

Floral Lace Nail Tutorial Mallory's tip: use the pastel galaxy tutorial for the base and a nail art pen in black

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DIY & Tips Nails Art 2017 / 2018 Floral Lace Nail Tutorial -Read More -