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True Self + True Wealth = Days Filled with YAY! Break the Personal Development and Self Help Rules to Get Life-Changing Results! Check out the Fastest Simplest 7 Step Method to Discover How to Be Your True Self, Change Your Life Now and Be Happy Today!

Here's a calendar of 2017's astronomical events for sky watchers, many of which can been seen with the naked eye. Keep looking up!

2017 Astronomical Events Another cartoon from outer space. provided to you by NASA Deception!

Needs to be out there

25 Books That Will Blow Your Mind -- A few I've read. The rest are on my to read list.

Poker face ou mensonge criard ! une infographie pour mieux comprendre la psychologie du mensonge.

Psychology infographic & Advice This infographic takes a look at what happens in our brains when we lie -- and h. Image Description This infographic take

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Office Appropriate: silk and cotton sweater, high waist studio trousers, high heel and platform leather court shoe