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Get it tight!!

Get it tight!!

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Kettlebell Exercises For Weight Loss.

More Kettlebell, Please! 9 Calorie-Torching Exercises

Couch to half marathon guide for beginners. I like this one for clients that have already been running.

17 Kettlebell Exercises for Total Body Toning, these are so worth trying. Love the kettlebell!! #kettlebell #workoutsforwomen #exercises

17 Kettle Bell Exercises for Total Body Toning

Totally Toned Arms

30 Day Wall Sit Challenge Fitness Workout Chart

At Home 20 min Full Body Circuit - 20 step ups - 15 push ups - 20 lunges - 15 jumping squats - 15 tricep dips - 60 sec planks with alternating leg lifts - 30 sec wall sit - 10 bicycle crunch - 30 sec side crunch (both sides) - Except this is really wimpy. Maybe everything X2 or X3.

No Equipment Necessary: Full-Body Circuit Workout

Top 3 #FitnessChallenges- #Butt #Abs and #Arms

Fitness Challenge Arms, Abs and Butt

The Do-Anywhere Workout

The Anywhere Workout

Will have to substitute some other core workout for the pushups until my arm is better but this might not be a bad idea

Fab Ab February | The Everyday Warrior

You have time! Get Fit With Four 4 Minute Workouts! #4minute #fatblaster #workouts #skinnyms

Get Fit with 4 4-Minute Workouts

Do this 5 times a day and burn 500 calories. 10 times = 1,000 calories. There are 5 commercial breaks in a 1 hour tv episode. Burn 500 calories while watching your favorite show.

Beginner's Total Body Fat Blasting Routine--video tutorial of the ENTIRE workout included! #workout #beginner #tutorial

The only butt workout you'll ever need.

Are you out of workout ideas and bored of the same routines?

When I need to recharge my body I love the 3 Day Cleanse & is amazing! #cleanse #detox

These actually hurt my abs.

It sure does burn those abs

Types Of Stretches That Improve Different Parts Of Your Body…

3 of Skinny Ms. most popular fitness Challenges! Summer Arms Challenge, 7 Day Ab Challenge and Glute, Butt Bootie Challenge.

Kettlebells are GREAT for toning and burning fat!

Inner thighs.

Run 3 Miles in 30 Minutes - an 8 week plan for building up the endurance necessary to run for thirty minutes.

4 minute FAT BLASTERS. It only takes four minutes to burn fat for up to 24 hours. #May will be my fat blasting month.

The best way to learn how to squat correctly is to do squats facing a wall. Bring your toes to the wall, almost touching, then sit down. Stay looking straight so you learn to keep your torso up. Sit as low as you can go then hold the seated position for 5-10 seconds and repeat. Great for butt, legs, and core.