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Alessio Nunzi

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Alessio Nunzi
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Palazzo Briganti B&B, Gallipoli, Puglia

B & B Palazzo Briganti - So it's actually a hotel, but I'd love if it were at my home! This medieval building has a unique indoor swimming pool and a small wellness centre located in caves under the hotel.

Pol Úbeda Hervas

Spanish art director Pol Ubeda made this series over a little identity crisis he had. “My shadow is there but I erased myself because I don´t know who I am any longer. The shoes remain only to make sure there is something more than… a shadow.

Flying Houses

sharing creative and inspirational artwork from artists around the world. credit goes to the respectful artists and their.

Play With Your Food

Artist Brock Davis shared his recent creation of “Banana Trucker Hat” he created for his kids. “My kids were grumpy at breakfast this morning, so I had this idea to make a quick banana peel […]