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Una muy joven Kate Moss en Paris

Kate Moss by Kate Garner, vintage, driver's cap, black & white, flashback. Kate Moss married Jamie Hince on July Kate Moss wore a wedding dress designed by former Dior designer and longtime friend John Galliano. Kate was born on January

This is too cute >__< Levi and Kenny

Kenny Ackerman and young Levi - Attack on Titan - Shingeki no Kyojin


Spoiler: CT is some random irrelevant side character They never get the nose right -AoT spoiler warning

Annie's stages...

animated animated gif annie leonhardt blonde hair blood blue eyes female titan sad shingeki no kyojin solo spoilers standing tears - Image View -

omg....eren is so shy while cool!!!I ship them.!!!!

Levi's face at the last panel is like "i know you're watching and i know you like it you sick bastard "

<3 aaaaaaaah love this

Lol I don't really understand this, however I'm pinning because this drawing of Armin with an undercut is adorable // Armin kind of looks adorable with this hair.