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Did You Know....? Helpful Hints and Tips

Lots of cleaning tips, good ideas aboutcommon problems - kind of a dumping ground for useful information around the house.

Did You Know....? Helpful Hints and Tips

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1000 Life Hacks

1000 Life Hacks

How to clean off the sticky dust gunk from stove hood and dials. I tried this today and it cleaned off years of grime that I was never able to get off! EASY!

Such a simple thing can change the look of an entire room. You need to see this before and after-- YES, you CAN clean grout safely using just two items I'm sure you already have in your home! Check out this quick tip and see how you can get clean grout in minutes flat! #greencleaning #grout

How to keep your bathroom mirrors from fogging up, using just one little item that you probably already have in the house.

How to keep your bathroom mirror fog-free! - The Creek Line House

Household Cleaning Tip - How To Clean Your Oven Naturally!

~Rub bananas with dish soap suds. Allow to air dry. No more fruit flies!~ ~Say WHAAAAAAA?! Worth a shot!!~

How to get rid of underarm stains and prevent them - Good to Know

How to Rid and Prevent Underarm Stains

Enjoy this simple DIY Lemon Lime Tub & Tile Scrub. It's an inexpensive way to have a clean shower without all the chemicals.

DIY: Lemon Lime Tub and Tile Scrub | Saving with Shellie™

Make your own fabric softener for fresh-smelling, chemical-free laundry for just pennies!

A simple recipe for all natural glass cleaner. Nothing makes a room feel cleaner than sparkling windows.

DIY: Mighty Mint Glass Cleaner | Saving with Shellie™

How to freshen your towels and get rid of that mildew stink!! Tried this and it works so well! - www.classyclutter...

How to freshen your towels and get rid of that mildew stink

A quick tip for replacing your dryer sheets with this everyday kitchen item. It lasts up to a year!

Shower caps are great for putting your (dirty and dusty) shoes in when you travel. One of many awesome travel tips in this helpful blog!

Homemade GooGone Recipe - all natural

Homemade GooGone Recipe

How To Make Natural Drain Cleaner

How to make your own versions of Magic Erasers! Save money on cleaning supplies by making your own!

Arm pit stains...I have actually tried this and it works great! I use about 2T of baking soda, 1t of Dawn, and about 2t hydrogen peroxide (for those who need exact measurements!). Make a paste then rub onto the stain. I let it dry overnight the first time, the second time just threw it in the washer, both came out clean. Used on shirts other than white to

DIY Car Upholstery Cleaner | Creative Savings

stain stick

homemade shout

Awesome Body Hacks...

Awesome Body Hacks…

Single use ointment/toothpaste/lotion/etc. put it in a straw. Heat your pliers and seal it shut. Hole punch and throw on a key chain inside your first aid kit/ toiletry bag/ purse / backpack. Great for camping, hiking, or traveling. Genius!

Security Check Required | Facebook

Use a button to keep your earrings together. | 13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

20 Life Hacks in Pictures

How to easily open a sealed jar muscles required!