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light the night

that dress + gorgeous light

Fav thing about being in the car on road trips. Some days I miss her so much. I've honestly never loved another person as much as I love her.

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Sharing a mudshake.


Relationship Goals >>>> Couple spends the year travelling the world. Sarah Irene Murphy x VSCO Cam®


Lovely Couple with Cute Animals Head Masks photo by Our Labor of Love

with-grace-and-guts: “Tj & Rebekah ~ Gregory Woodman Photography ”

Eugenia Loli | purple woods

Inspired – Eugenia Loli

eugenialoli: “Lucy and DiMiTri" by Eugenia Loli. The sky is empty and the land is bare. But there’s a roadway. The key to discover ourselves, and the universe at large, all which is within us. Mind the shadows though.

Blue Valentine. This is the most depressing movie I sweaaaar

Blue Valentine by Derek Cianfrance - 2010 - Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Mike Vogel and Faith Wladyka

Lets Go Wandering, this is so cute. I'd love to go on an actual adventure with my friends :)

more sexy neck kisses

the salt water cure : Photo


A swoon-worthy wedding shot from a dreamy English wedding

Seen, Known, Loved: Messy Hair & Vulnerability

Engagement photo: 'ashley + zach' by andria lindquist