The Porch Potatoes A Gothic revival cottage. I like the colors! These arent colors I would normally choose but it compliments this cottage so much.

Sweet little seaside coastal cottage| Perfect!

Turquoise Tour of Seabrook, Washington

House of Turquoise: Turquoise Tour of Seabrook, Washington ~~ I could stay here, a lonnnggg time!

Little Cottage right on the beach.

I want to live here! Charlie's Station, a rental cottage on the south-east tip of Bald Head Island, NC. A quaint old cottage with olde-time charm (no air-conditioning). One of a handfull of old cottages for summer rental I understand.

OH MY COTTAGE! I love this so much.

A Victorian Cottage For Sale in Pasadena

Lovely mix of cottage style and Victorian elegance. Historic Victorian Queen Anne Cottage in Pasadena

Such a sweet little cottage.

I love this tiny white cottage with it's pretty gingerbread detailing, on the porch, a dormitory window on top, and a bay window on the side. The sign above the porch says: "Doll House". I'm guessing it's a child's playhouse.

Precious little cottage- add blue shutters, window boxes with pink flowers, pink rose trellis entry gate and... sigh...

CURB APPEAL – another great example of beautiful design. Sweet Cottage Home Looks familiar. Now we need the white picket fence and a sun porch on the side instead of the bay window.


So charming! A Cape Cod seaside garden . so sweet, simple and charming . yet very colorful in a subtle way

Cute cottage guest house

I always thought Cape May was very quaint. I wouldn't mind living there - joilieder: Victorian House in Cape May, New Jersey by The Pink Peony of Le Jardin (Robyn).


OHHH MY GOODNESS! I would play all day long in here, my kids would think i was nuts. I hope miss Lilley can have something similar in our backyard in a few years. i had a playhouse as a kid and some of my favorite childhood memories were in it.