7 Ways To Use Your iPad In The Classroom

iPad as the Teacher's Pet [Infographic] — Tony Vincent - Learning in Hand (Some of these sites we have used in tech classes.great for classroom!

Tech apps -  timesavers for teachers

Smart Seat: Classroom Seating Chart from Technology Timesavers for Teachers - myTeachersLounge. Stick Pick to select students

A first grade teacher outlines how she uses iPads in her classroom. Some great ideas!

This lady& site has a TON of apps for the grade classroom. Apps from phonics, spelling, science, math, writing and MUCH more!

Bloom iPads Apps

IPad Apps for Every Teacher. C Literacy, Digital Curation Toolbox, Digital Learning, Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, Bloom iPads Apps

46 Education App Review Sites For Teachers And Students

There are a huge range of educational apps that can be used in the classroom to enhance classroom learning. Within that range there are many apps relating to every classroom subject and more.

iPad App Evaluation for the Classroom Checklist

iPad App Evaluation for the Classroom Checklist How is your iPad? Here's a simple evaluation checklist so you can know if your iPad is up to par!

The Ultimate Guide To Using iPads in The Classroom

Ten Reflections on the First Year of an iPad Pilot. iPads, Chromebooks, whatever you go with, some good advice here.