An old wash basin used for plants

Succulent Cafe Oceanside: A Living Masterpiece

Succulent Art at Succulent Cafe Oceanside via Needles + Leaves. I love this and have a pitcher bowl to use!

blue echeveria

Petal Talk

Cool crassula

Cool Succulent, it seem like some type of Crassula but not sure, Anybody? I think Crassula is a good guess?

wouw, look at these! This is Euphorbia obesa

❤~ Cactus~❤~Suculentas~❤ Euphorbia Obesa = I WANT this plant, but considering the fate of my last Euphorbia .

Euphorbia obesa

"Euphorbia obesa is a peculiar, almost ball shaped dwarf succulent plant that resembles a stone. Photo credited to Karin, Southern Meadows: November