Lessons with Laughter: The Best Part of Me! {writing lesson}

The Best Part of Me Writing Activity

The Best Part of Me! Writing activity for kids. Love this writing idea that helps children focus on their strengths. Lots of good extention ideas.

Describing activity: I could use this pertaining to the seasons unit. For example, instead of a gingerbread man, I could draw a snowflake for winter and guide the students in writing words that pertain to that season. This helps with writing and also helps the students learn characteristics of the seasons.

The Gingerbread Man. This was a really successful activity - first we read the book, brainstormed the adjectives, played a gingerbread man memory game, and then cooked gingerbread men. A wonderful afternoon the kids really enjoyed!

the best part of me. End of the year writing

I moved up to fourth grade this year and I have a handful of the .