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@emmakrafftjewellery - find Emma on Instagram. Easily and practically find your ring size with this handy chart. Simply measure the larger portion of the finger you wish using a piece of string or paper, and compare the width to the circumference of the corresponding ring size. Download the A4 chart here:

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Channeling MacGyver: Using a potato as a heat sink -protect stones from heat, Instead of frying your gemstone, try frying a potato, a cool and biodegradable heat sink for your precious bling. - entrenous by Le Noeud

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My ring clamp adaptation. It rotates and can be used for stone setting.

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Make an inexpensive, moveable platform for holding thermoplastics while stonesetting. It rotates 360° and is great for setting cabochons or other types of stones while using thermoplastics, pitch or dopp wax to hold them in place. Nancy LT Hamilton

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I love this set. The forming tools come in handy for many different forming situations like squaring ends, re-rounding a ring, flattening a warped bezel back. Nancy LT Hamilton. 30 Piece Forming Tool & Block Set by Pepe Tools

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Handy guide to how to hold jewelry so you don't damage it while working on it. Really need to look at this more often, helpful.

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