Precious Amish child

Darling picture of a young Amish girl in a bright lavender pinafore. Photograph by Bill Coleman Life in Amish Country

Amish Girls

1574 your turn a young amish girl gives a stern look to her sister who is waiting to have her filthy feet washed

A sunny ride in Ohio's Amish Country.

Shenandoah, Shiloh Oliveville, Mennonite Amish, Middle Of No Where Northern Ohio

A little Amish girl holding a sunflower behind her back. My sister loves anything to do with Amish, her kitchen is absolutely beautiful how she has it decorated with all Amish things !

Amish Woman at Sewing Machine

Amish woman piecing a top, using a treadle machine [Great Rolling Star on the wall above her machine, and nice Wedding Ring and Amish Shadows displayed on the bed./ I really love the Rolling Star colors!

making apple butter

making apple butter - I was a kid but the grown ups would get up early, peel the apples, cook them and can them. We did this at my aunts house with lots and lots of family and kids.

bare footed  ;-)

Explored A young Amish girl walks along Ronks road in Lancaster County. Although the Amish strive to be plain, this young miss looks pretty sharp!