Nanda Puspitha

Nanda Puspitha

Gresik, East Java, Indonesia / gilangtrihatmojo's
Nanda Puspitha
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Kurang kerjaan banget ni orang haha

Reminds me of a few friends! ~~Fixed it, OCD style. This is truly more like CDO. just like OCD but in alphabetical order. as it should be! OCD to the next level


"Some wine please" I feel like this would be feasible in Spain!

Happens quite often lol.

Haha this is me with my husband. He is a mush mouth

How precious.

National Military (and Military Families) Appreciation Month .How sweet God bless our military men and women.

Amazing carved pumpkins

'Tis the season for creative gourd art, and this week, the folks over at Dangerous Minds clued us in to these incredibly detailed carved pumpkins by renowned sand and pumpkin sculptor Ray Villafane.