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Anubis is one of the most iconic gods of ancient Egypt. Anubis is the Greek version of his name, the ancient Egyptians knew…

Fand is an early Irish sea goddess, later described as a "Queen of the Fairies". Her name is variously translated as "Pearl of Beauty" or "A Tear". She is seen as the most beautiful of goddesses, associated with the Other World islands of pleasure, youth and women. Fand appears in the Ulster Cycle tale, Serglige Con Culainn (The Sickbed of Cúchulainn) first as an otherworldly sea bird, and later as an avenging goddess (or "Woman of the Otherworld).

Sulis, Celtic Goddess of the Hot Springs at Bath--Celtic gods and goddesses, Sulis Minerva, Roman gods and goddesses, Romano-British deities.

Moon dance

Tang Yau Hoong is a one genius designer from Malaysia who performs negative space technique in his artworks. Here are 22 of his artworks revealing visual messages through negative space.