Raquel Rocamora

Raquel Rocamora

Raquel Rocamora
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1st Birthday Cake

Teddy Bear Fondant Birthday Cake And Cupcakes fondant cake images Teddy Bear Fondant Birthday Cake And Cupcakes wedding cakes Teddy Bear Fondant Birthday Cake And Cupcakes rolled cake fondant images

Molar Muncher- First product to soothe entire gum line simultaneously!

The Molar Muncher is a pacifier that soothes the entire gum line simultaneously. 36 Ingenious Things You'll Want as a New Parent

age-appropriate-chores-for-kids printable

Are you looking for a chore chart that lists age appropriate chores for children? The Marysville Parenting Examiner happened across this particular age appropriate chore chart.

Farm Stencil Kit

Fun and Easy Farm stencil mural for you to paint in a children's room. Simple self adhesive Farm stencil mural for bedroom painting idea

Detailed, surprisingly accurate, and above all, fun!

This was an interesting "test". I'm happy I took the time to do it because it actually did recognize things in me that I sometimes choose not to acknowledge. For a 20 minute test + results to read it was well worth the time.