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Don't feel sad over someone who gave up on you. Feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who never would have given up on them.

This kind of pin is truly not helpful. You can love with your whole heart, your whole life, even, but you may still have to let someone go. If their behavior is abusive, you will have no choice. Sometimes life can't be reduced to a cute saying on a pin.

Being in love with someone you can't have is the hardest thing to deal with.

Everyone deserves love to an extent. And everyone is not deserving to extent. But foolish to give your love and heart to someone who can intentionally hurt you, without fear. But you have to give someone the power to destroy you and hope they don't. More importantly the joy and security to realize they didn't;) jp

This is true for me.... I fell for a man I can't have.... I had to distance myself. I couldn't put myself through it anymore.

I don't hate you, I despise you for what you have done. But in the end I pity you because I know you're not as happy as they think you are & now you're too ashamed to admit it

you will always be my great 'might have been' if the timing had been better or situations had been different then idk..but they weren't. i did find someone who truly loves me and whom i truly love. i hope you find the love you deserve and can find a new dream since yours was so cruelly and violently ripped from you by the coldest, cruelest people on earth. i wish you peace