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9 easy ways to start living a simpler, more intentional life


ENJOYING LABOUR: Passions will be fostered as long as they have to do with creating a harmonious and beautiful community. Passionate people will do better work and be happier about the things they contribute to society

A stealthy resurgence happening in the design world—a rebellion against the cold, sleek, digital environment in which we designers spend most of our time. Hand lettering is not-so-quietly making a colossal comeback, exploding into the forefront of design.

4 Cool Women Making 40 Fantastic


Hey sorry about all those recipe pins the other day. I totally didn't realize I was posting those! DUH!! Anyway...THIS one...I DO mean to pin! It's NEVER too late to start over.

Davidson: Sleep if you can and it solves some problems. Remember when we used to solve life problems wide awake in the middle of the night talking it out??? Lol. I miss you..too long since we have solved any problems by burning the midnight oil...or wine!