the ceiling

Home for the Holidays

The nativity scene under the tree is such a beautiful Italian touch for a classic/rustic, lovely room~❥


Removing Popcorn Ceilings!

I surprised my wife by having her walk in from a long day at work to find me covered in sloppy wet oatmeal-like popcorn ceiling plaster and the furniture all over the house, but she wasn't mad and it turned out to be a very easy DIY project!

How to put up "glue-up decorative celing tiles". You can order them from These are styrofoam, which you have to paint so it doesn't look like styrofoam (works well according to reviewers). They also have tin

The Low Budget Way to Makeover a Popcorn Ceiling

Using glue on Styrofoam ceiling tiles - Popcorn Ceiling Makeover- Low Budget, Big Impact :: Hometalk