paintings by meghan howland

Artist: Meghan Howland - featured on The Jealous Curator {contemporary two human heads with yellow and blue birds portrait faces paintings}

LISA MADIGAN, Morning glory More

Morning Glory

To know more about Lisa Madigan Morning Glory ("Kaleidoscope" series), breathtaking works, oil on linen, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 4 other Lisa Madigan items too!

"The strengthening of behavior which results from reinforcement is appropriately called 'conditioning'. In operant conditioning we 'strengthen' an operant in the sense of making a response more probable or, in actual fact, more frequent."-B.F. Skinner,Science and Human Behavior, 1953 (illustrations by henrietta harris)

conceptual surrealist macabre emotive disturbing art painting Paintings by Artist Henrietta Harris Published by Maan Ali

Watercolor Portraits, Watercolor Paintings, Child Portraits, Portrait Art, Pencil Drawings, Mixed Media

Harding Meyer is a Brazilian artist who loves to paint faces. Nothing more, nothing less – just faces. But the one thing you always notice about his oil paintings is how he focuses on the eyes. Piercing...

Haunting oil portraits by Harding Meyer that focus on the windows to our souls

Jef Cablog: Fine Artist. Baguio City, Philippines

Jef Cablog: Fine Artist. Baguio City, Philippines

Homework,  36" x 28" Oil on Linen, 2015 GREGORY MORTENSON

Fine Art Connoisseur - Prize-Winning Portraits Gregory Mortenson, "Homework," oil on linen, 36 x 28 in. Second Place Painting

Alexis Duque Art - Official Website

Alexis Duque Art - Official Website