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Monolithic Domes

"All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space." ~Philip Johnson
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An Engineer's Aspect: The Domes of Albion--Monolithic Villas in Paradise

The Domes of Albion--Monolithic Villas in Paradise

An Engineer's Aspect: This is one gorgeous Monolithic Dome home!

This is one gorgeous Monolithic Dome home!

The new Ankara CSO Concert Hall—a modern marvel surrounded by Turkish History A colossal ellipsoid dome and its impressive spherical counterpart are juxtaposed with an imposing vaulted triangular foyer in downtown Ankara, Turkey. This impressive and already beautiful building under construction is the new Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO) building, which according to the Ankara Hürriyet, will become one of the symbols of Ankara.

The new Ankara CSO Concert Hall—a modern marvel surrounded by Turkish History

"Eye of the Storm" — This Monolithic Dome home, on a beach site on Sullivans Island, South Carolina,

Carpe Diem Chicago Real Estate Blog: August 2011

Lafarge Cement Plant — Located in Ontario, Canada, Lafarge’s storage dome can hold 40,000 tons.

Monolithic Dome Bulk Storage

Rendering of Fowler’s Gymnasium — Michael McCoy of Midwest City, OK began designing Monolithic Dome facilities in 2008. Asked if Monolithic Dome designing is either harder or easier than more commonly expected and accepted architecture in America, Michael said,

Big Open House at Fowler USD 225

Curlew Keep — The 2800-square-foot Monolithic Dome home that the Bremners planned and built.

Curlew Keep — Hard To Get To But Easy To Appreciate

Xanadu Island Resort — Ivan Sheinbaum’s first completed Monolithic Dome has three fully furnished apartment suites at Xanadu Island Resort.

Xanadu— A Dome in Paradise

Emmett High School — Located in Emmett, Idaho, this five-dome facility was the first Monolithic Dome school built.

Monolithic Dome homes, schools, churches, storages, gyms and more

Beggs, OK Event Center — Beggs built two Monolithic Domes: A 160’ diameter gymnasium/event center built on a 24’ Orion wall; a 112’ diameter dome on a 12’ Orion wall that provides nine additional classrooms, offices and a student commons area.

Beggs, Oklahoma Builds Two Monolithic Domes

Working together, Monolithic and MOR have researched and developed a high quality compost cover.

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China’s First Monolithic Dome Granary Featured in China’s “Grain News” | Monolithic Dome Institute

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David B. South takes aim at a dome with his .30-06 rifle during a bulletproof demonstration for a Dallas TV station in the late ’90s.

Hail and Bullets

On its 1,000 acre operation in Voca, Texas, Cadre has three Monolithic Domes for storing frac-sand. For retrieving the sand, each dome has a Monolithic concrete tunnel 23’ wide, 13’ high and about 130’ long.

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Strength testing the Monolithic Dome at BYU Laboratories. The sand bags represent the amount of weight previously thought to be the maximum load this dome could take. The addition of the forklift did nothing. They were ultimately unable to break the shell by overloading it and had to take it apart with jackhammers.

Monolithic Domes Have Blast-Resistant Strength

Laying out a Prolate Ellipse | Monolithic Dome Institute

Laying out a Prolate Ellipse

Yuma Dome, Yuma, Arizona

The Future of Dome Housing evaluated in The Fiscal Times

The Ceiling light with five 100 watt lightbulbs Monolithic Dome owner, Jerry Cleveland, has been using to heat his Monolithic Dome through the winter.

Monolithic Dome Owner Heats Home All Winter Using Light Bulbs

Coconut model of future project of Indonesian dome builder, Antonius “Yoss” Yusanto.

I’m Cuckoo For Coconuts

Petroleum Coke Storage — In St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, Hovensa Coker Storage, Bechtel Corp. has two 254′ × 127′ Monolithic Domes. With a capacity of 40,000 metric tons, they’re the world’s largest petroleum coke storages. After this photo was taken, an equipment tower and conveyor system was set on top of the domes. The weight allowance was one million pounds.

Monolithic Dome Petroleum Coke Storages

As of October 2014, you can see great progress has been made on the steel and glass intermediate section of this iconic building.

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For Sale or Lease: Starship Pegasus

David B. South standing in his newly-constructed dome potato cellar, the first dome ever constructed using Monolithic’s patented construction process. April 1976.

The Birth of the Monolithic Dome—A Closer Look

Robot Ranch. — Al Schwartz’s 4,144 square-foot earth-sheltered Monolithic Dome dream home, built into the side of a hill, featured on “Amazing Spaces.”

Monolithic Man Cave featured on Amazing Spaces