Nantia Stamou

Nantia Stamou

Thessaloniki, Greece / Architect
Nantia Stamou
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by Martin Ezman

I love how geometric and straight it is. The designer did a great job making it simple and yet still easy to read the word WAVE. The fact that the A and the V tie into each other is eye catching because it takes a second to catch on what it is.

Greek architect George Zafiriou

Greek architect George Zafiriou tastefully restored this neo-classical building in the center of Athens.

love the sagging roof on this tiny Derbyshire cottage

"Thimble Hall, in Youlgreave or Youlgrave (they can’t decide which) Derbyshire, England, is the smallest detached house in the world. This spacious cottage measures 11 feet by twelve feet and once housed a happy family of eight in the nineteenth century.