SIIDCHA Four Season Gift Set

I love this Asian tea package design: clean, colorful, modular. SIIDCHA Four Season Gift Set

#Butter Plus #convenient #packaging  designed by Marta Suslow & Mara Holterdorf -

Butter Plus

Design by Marta Suslow & Mara Holterdorf ♡ fromage ♡ cheese ♡ Käse ♡ formatge ♡ 奶酪 ♡ 치즈 ♡ ost ♡ queso ♡ τυρί ♡ formaggio ♡ チーズ ♡ kaas ♡ ser ♡ queijo ♡ сыр ♡ sýr ♡ קעז

並べてわけて、楽しい!ショートケーキボックス 0014 | 箱|貼り箱|オリジナル|パッケージ|小ロット|長崎|福岡|佐賀|東京|大阪

This design isn't very interesting- but you could play around with making your packages fit together so they create something fun / interesting.


【ELLE gourmet】マルハニチロ食品「ラ・カンティーヌ」|“美パッケージ”フードを贈ろう!|エル・オンライン

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Love the font pairing. Love how it's playful and has a vintage feel, but the block lettering gives it some sophistication.

Com certeza uma embalagem assim torna o disco (música ou jogo)  mais lúdico

Like this minimalistic package. Seems more practical than struggling to get the cd off the center ring you normally find in common cd cases.