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Because I hate dragging out the ironing board- Magnetic Ironing Mat, turns your washer/dryer into an ironing board, then folds up after. Space saving item! $9.99 on Amazon.

Every summer, I end up with at least one fruit fly infestation. It starts out innocently enough -- I'll notice a fruit fly or two buzzing around a bunch of bananas on the kitchen counter. They're a...

No more shampooing!

Ladies, I'm just trying to help you out because I'm tired of seeing ya'll walking around with sandals and crusty heels....Get it right this summer!! Men can do this too! Listerine: the BEST way to get your feet ready for summer. Sounds crazy but it works! Mix 1/4 cup Listerine (any kind but I like the blue), 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup of warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes and when you take them out the dead skin will practically wipe off!

Dry Shampoo for Light Hair and Dark Hair. Leave out the essential oil and it can also be used as a finishing powder on your face to fight shine all day!

This is life changing!

Soak your feet to get dry skin off. Wonder if this works? Listerine: the BEST way to get your feet ready for summer. Mix 1/4c Listerine (any kind but I like the blue), 1/4c vinegar and 1/2c of warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes and when you take them out the dead skin will practically wipe off!

Instantly hang a second panel behind existing curtains using a bungee cord! Awesome!

Envelope template

How To Make Homemade Goo Gone: Recycled glass jars can be put to lots of good use around the house for storage. The most challenging part of recycling glass jars can be getting the label completely off with no traces of sticky gunk left behind. In the past I've used a product called Goo Gone for this job & it's always worked well. But guess what? You can make your own Goo Gone by simply combining vegetable oil & baking soda. I tested it out on a couple little glass jars; it really work!

Every single person I know who either owns or does laundry for someone who wears white undershirts needs to be aware of this. It's going to save us all a bazillion dollars.

hair dryer + flat iron holder

Oh my word, this is crazy good! Deep Pore Clearer. From another pinner: "I'm repinning this because I just tried it. I'm never buying pore strips again. This is amazing!!!!"

How to hem jeans (or any pants), keeping the original hem.

DIY FALSIES!! Between applying each coat of mascara, dip a q-tip in a little baby powder and run across lashes, focusing on the tips. The second coat will attach to the powder for a longer, fuller look. - I've seen this a hundred times, but never pinned it. I remembered it and tried it a few nights ago, it looks amazing!!

Learn this chip bag fold and you will never need a clamp ever again! You learn something new every day on Pinterest!

House smelling weird? Put two caps full of vanilla extract in a coffee cup, then place it in the oven at 300 degrees for one hour. Within twenty minutes the whole house smells like Heaven. It's actually a common realtor trick.

Felt Penguin Ornament

Teacher Discount: The Complete List of 66 Teacher Discounts

amazing grout cleaner. 7 c water, 1/2 c baking soda, 1/3 c ammonia, 1/4 c vinegar. Spray on, scrub, wipe off.

First dance.

The best info on anything and everything environmentally friendly. What to buy and NOT to buy --- should read this

Clean out your AC - save money and increase efficiency while prolonging the life of your unit!